Thursday, October 6, 2011

House-birth is harder than child-birth!

There's definitely correlations between birthing a house and birthing a human, I've decided. 

It took me 2.5 years to get pregnant the first time.  That happens to be the same amount of time it took for us to start building this house.  There were ultrasounds (architect plans), tests (foundation soil borings, inspections, surveys), I felt nauseous every day (as I do now), I gained weight and craved junk food (ditto).  I worried every day if my baby would have all it's parts... and what if my house is missing parts?!  There was ridiculous arguing going on due to hormones.. now there's just ridiculous arguing.

At the beginning of being pregnant, it was fun and exciting... then I just wanted that baby OUT.  Same situation here, it's all fun planning it.... but I'm ready for house delivery.  Get that house out of me!  Something like that frustrating.

And we've got at least 5 months to go.

Ah... so here's where we at now (besides nauseous, fighting, fat, worried and broke... definitely broke - I suppose that happened a little bit when preggo too, not as extreme as this!).

The steel beams are in:

Some of the house has had "foam" installed (to keep out moisture) and some has not (the part you are seeing in the picture is foam-free).  It needs to be backfilled so you can no longer see the basement walls, but before that can be completed - the basement part of the garage has to be filled in with stone.  It looks like it needs a few more truckloads of stone.

We need the lumber delivered and then framing can begin.  I hope that happens next week.  I hope.  I really really want to see a house forming here soon!  See... back to the pregnancy thing.. it's like when you got your first ultrasound and you saw a baby in there - not just a little bean that looked like it could turn out to be a baby.  Right now, the basement is my bean.  I want a baby.  Damn it.

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  1. too too funny... come on now Christy you gotta remember to enjoy the journey. ;-))))