Friday, October 21, 2011

The rain finally stopped, I hope!

I was excited to see people working today on the house!  The sky is still cloudy but I'm really hoping the rain has stopped for a while. 

First of all, we got our side samples, brick, as well as roof.  This is what we are thinking we'll go with, althoug it's really not easy to see (my phone camera is not the best).  The windows are going to be white trim.  I'm not sure about the roof, I'm worried it will be too dark.  So now when I'm driving around I'm staring at people's roofs... it's odd. 

So, when I came upon the "house" today, Jim and 3 guys were working.  First I went to check out the back yard... here's the view from my canal to the street.  It's a pile of pushed junk.  They can't get back there to do anything else on it until they get the egress basement window in (which they were doing when I was there). 

I was happy to see that the pea stone has been added to the basement, the plastic is down and it's ready to be cemented.  Poles are up, wood is on.  However, Jim told me that the guy he wanted to do the job is not free tomorrow... so he'll be there Monday.  Hmph.  Ok then.

Here's Jim and the other guys trying to figure out how this egress window works from across the basement....

This is the window waiting for it's frame:

Here are the cylinders that I took pictures of yesterday, but now they have pea stone in them, and they'll be finished off with cement.

Here I am making fun of them because they can't figure this window out.  Jim's the guy in blue laughing at them (or "directing" them).  I picked up the paper directions, which were on the ground next to them and offered to read them, maybe it might help them out... ha.  Typical guys... the instructions are in the trash and they are arguing about how it works. 

 Random wood and stone shot....
Farewell boys, good luck!  I'll check back tomorrow to see if they got it in.  That window has to go in before they can do anything in the back.  They have to use that space between the window and the other house to squeeze through to bring in the clay fill and top soil to cover the backyard.  Another day gone... tick tock!  As I was leaving, Jim yelled out "Don't worry!  When we start framing, we'll knock this out in 2 weeks!"  I looked back and said, "Sounds great... we'll see."  (insert sarcastic face here)

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