Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Ooooo fancy!  The house has been tarred and waterproofed (which I've been somehow termed that "rubberized"), this protective coat was added on top of that and now it will have foam attached to that.  Very cool right?  The drain tiles are in at the bottom of the walls on the outside, and the pea stones have been added in for drainage.  Here are all the pictures for what I'm talking about ...

We confirmed the windows order today - again.  We ended up making a few more changes but I like how it's all done now.  The only one that worries me is a window in Riley's room, but Jim said that I can come over before he frames it and show him exactly where I want it.  Isn't that awesome?  I feel like I have some wierd superpower that allows me to just move windows wherever I want in a house.  Take that awkward fitting furniture!! 

We are waiting on the testing engineers to inspect everything before moving to the next step, which is backfilling in these holes with dirt.  After that, sewer and water.  Jim hoped we'd do that this week, but the rain delayed the inspector and now it's on next week, hopefully Tuesday if everything goes as planned.

I like seeing progress, but I'm getting pretty anxious.  Jim says his new "realistic" due date for moving in would be February... fingers crossed!

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