Saturday, December 17, 2011

Whoa!! Time's flyin' now...

The last few weeks have flown by... so much to do, so much to keep up with!  The house has made a lot of progress.  There have been decisions daily and tons of issues.  I have to say, it's all feeling very surreal.  At this point, I'm thinking the house will be ready to move in early April.

The exteior has made tons of progress.  There is a roof now, and siding should be on sooner than later.  We have to wait on bricking the house until the spring, due to the low temps.  It's not worth the risk of some issue happening with it freezing.

Here's what the house looks like now:

The inside is all framed.  The plumber, electrician and heating/cooling guys have all been in and working away.  We have met them all and discussed a load of wierd decisions I never thought I'd make all at once... like where the outlets go, how many of them, the lights, which switch goes to which light.. the bathtubs, toilets, showers.. the zoning for heat as an option.  The hot water heaters.. the location of all the main stuff.. the pipes, the lines.. oh my!  We've picked the interior doors, went through each one and which way they hang and swing.  The closet doors... the bathroom doors... the office one has to be cut in half in order to fit our furniture.  Wacky.

The cabinent guys been there and we went through the house yet again with him... next week we need to confirm everything before it gets ordered.  The tiles been selected... we did that all in an amazing 2 hours. 

My head is certainly spinning!!!

So here's the tile selections ...

Here's the kids bathroom:


This is the kitchen (hard to tell, but it's crackled white subway tiles and then for the part under our bar area, it's irridencent glass... and I know I am not spelling that word right at all):

 Here's the mud room and downstairs bathroom... we wanted something that doesn't show all the dirt when we come in the house....

The master bathroom is basically a white marble type tile... with a little design in it.  The picture doesn't show up well, so I'm not bothering to post it. 

Ok, so here's a tour of where we are at with the framing.  Here's our front "door":

 Blurry picture, but this is the living room looking at the fireplace:

This is the kitchen, that window is above the sink:
This is the "bonus room"... which in fact, is no longer a bonus room.  It's just a room.  It was supposed to add additional square footage to the house eventually, but we found it's actually impossible at this point to do that so it's going to be included in the overall square footage (which is around 3200).  We will be taxed on that amount now, which is a bummer... but the space is pretty awesome.

 This is the access panel we added to get to the attic storage space, which is super big.. so I'm excited.
This picture is from in the bonus room looking at the laundry room, which we divided in half now so that we could add a tiny bathroom connected to the bonus room.  I'm glad we did...  

 This is a close up of that tiny bathroom.
This view is from in the master bathroom, looking down the hallway to the master bath. 

This is our master bedroom ceiling, I don't know if you can tell.. but it's a tray ceiling and it's super cool.

This is the hallway to the master bath again.. that's the bathtub surround straight ahead.
Here's the master bathroom.

 This is where the master vanity goes.
 Tylers room:
The kids jack and jill bathroom looking from Tyler's room into Riley's room:

This is the bathtub/shower area of their room: 

Jim says we'll be drywalling soon... so Dave's gotta get in there and do the cable/ethernet/TV hook ups in the next week.  I'm guessing that will happen on our Christmas "vacation".  ;-)  Since the house won't be bricked until the spring... I'm thinking April will be when we move in.  Who knows though, we'll see!