Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Now we're talkin'....

I was happy to see, that even in the rainy overcast cold weather - Jim and his worker bees knocked out some serious business on Ardmore.  Finally, a floor.  My house is getting a first floor!!  It's about time.

Jim was waiting to get the backyard settled, but the company didn't show up today to do the backyard.  Apparently they wanted to get paid something before coming.  Sounds normal right? See, with this loan we can't pay anyone until they are done.  DONE.  It makes it pretty difficult to get people to show up sometimes.

Anywhooooo... Jim's contractors did, so they decided to start framing the house and worry about the backyard now until Friday or Saturday (when the new company says they are coming).  The only issue is that they can't frame the garage until the backyard is done (because the machine needs to go over that part of the house to get in the backyard since it's such a tight squeeze).

Here's what I saw when I went at the end of the day...

The machine was moving (obviously) so this is a bad picture, but Jim rented his own machine to at least smooth out the side of the house for the neighbor since there were piles of dirt there.

Jim and Wally.... apparently contractors don't like it when you take their pictures so they look away. 

This is where the bar goes, the stairs to the basement should be done tomorrow (yippeeee).

See the floor!!!

From the back to the front view (again, blurry)... but the lot is a mess, tons of lumber all over.

I'm just thrilled the house is getting a first floor... I keep telling Jim, I need it to look like a house soon and then it will seem more worth all the aggravation!!

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  1. got to at least get it framed before the cold sets what is the supposed completion date?