Friday, October 28, 2011

Bring food, make friends.

I worked from home today, so I started my day by bringing Jim and his guys some coffee and donuts.  The sun was out, but it was freezing.  I saw smoke coming out their mouths when they talked and they weren't all smoking.  I was happy they were there and seemed to be running around getting stuff done.

Jim couldn't wait any longer for the company to come deal with the backyard, so he had rented a machine and had one of his guys do it.  He wished he would've thought of that before.  Now the backyard looks awesome, nice and flat.. higher up than it was and just waiting for some clay fill and top soil.  Jim's not sure we'll get that part done this year, it may have to wait until spring.  Now, I know those of you who know the property want to know how he'll get the material back there in the spring.  Good question.  I'm not sure yet, he'll either squeeze it little by little between the houses, or he'll beg the neighbor to let him drive over the lawn (unlikely).  I'm guessing it won't be until spring, but I'll talk to him again about it to see what he thinks.

I came by at lunch and brought pizza, wings, breadsticks and a cooler full of coke.  And, I admit it, I put 4 cans of Coors light at the bottom and told them it was for when they were done.  I know, I'm desperate here.  They loved that... duh.  It's Friday, c'mon.. I figured it would make them want to come back next time!!  Perhaps I filled them up with too much carbs and gave them incentive to stop early.  Hmm.  That could've backfired.

However, it didn't seem to.  Riley and I went by and checked it out at the end of the day.  We walked on our house and giggled.  I told her to imagine with me and she did, but got a little carried away.  It seems a little small to me actually.  Now I'm worried that all those rooms aren't going to fit!  I'm sure it'll be better when the walls are up. 

Lastly, when it comes to bribes... I tried that on the neighbors too.  I sent them presents today to apologize for the mess and thank them for all their patience.  I need to live next to these people, and I have this quirky need for them to like us.  I'm hoping bribes help.

So, here are the pics:

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