Monday, October 17, 2011

Lumber delivered.

The lumber has been delivered.  Part of it was there last week, more of it was dropped off today.  It feels like things are going slow motion right now.  Nothings getting done and our household is in a funk, which I'm trying hard to get us out of!

Jim's status this morning is that the basement plumbing is done.  Now, we are waiting for the city inspector to say that basement plumbing job is approved, which is supposed to happen tomorrow.  The bank inspector is supposed to drive by then and see for himself that the lumber has been delivered.  Once he tells the bank it really is there, then they will say it's okay for us to get the money for it (which is one reason this process is as slow as molasses).  The bank doesn't hand out money until there is a receipt to show it's been paid for.  How are we supposed to be pay for things prior to having money?  Exactly.

If it doesn't rain every day this week (I know it's going to but I'm praying it won't...), then we might get something accomplished.  The plan is that Jim is supposed to get the pea stone dumped into the basement after the plumbing is approved.  Then, the fill from the backyard has to be moved, the big piers have to be pounded into the back to support the back porch/roof.  The basement is supposed to be poured, as well as the driveway.  Depending on the weather, that is supposed to happen this week ----- but, I think that's pretty ambitious.  Knowing how this process has been going already, I will just be pleasantly surprised if it happens but realistically down about the fact that it probably won't. 

I know, I totally need an attitude adjustment!

Here's the lumber just sitting there... waiting.. longingly to be made into a house.  Sigh.

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