Wednesday, November 2, 2011

"Don't worry"

Every time Jim sees me, he tells me "don't worry!" at least 5 times.  Do I look worried?  Don't answer that.  Clearly, I do.

Snows coming, it's crunch time.  I'm freaking out that this house won't be bricked before freezing temps.  I don't want work to stop over the winter.  Can you imagine my insanity?  Yes, yes you can.

Today, I went by to encourage everyone and give them my best "you need to get this house done faster" stink eye.  Although I'm pretty sure I just waved and said good morning in my high voice with a smile.  Not sure they got what I was thinking.

This was this morning... the cement block was in around the garage so they can start building the walls for it too.

The  neighbor came over and was chit chatting... pointed out that
I was "at least 3 months behind, aren't ya?".  Yes, thank you.

I was about to leave and Jim asks if I can drive the title company to check on our recent draw.  He's called them and didn't hear back.  Funny thing, we found out later in the day after some calls.... they closed up shop last night.  That's right.  Luckily, another title company bought them up so our money is somewhere, we're just figuring out how to get it.  I'm trying to find the humor in that... again, Jim told me when I arrived at the end of the day "don't worry!".  We'll figure it out.  As soon as I saw a wall up, I felt better.  Progress.  He says the first floor will be done tomorrow.  I'm praying that happens!

This is the wall that goes from in the garage to the house:

Down to the basement: 

I love the high ceilings in the basment.

The first floor, everything's ready to be put up tomorrow.

This is the form for the back wall of our living room, the windows are a lot bigger than I pictured in my head. I think it's going to look awesome. 

So there we go then... tomorrow I'll see if that first floor gets up.  Then I can go sit in the middle of the floor and try to visualize.  It'll be more of a reality with walls!

Until then... I'm going to try to use Jim's mantra to me... "Don't worry!!"

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