Friday, September 9, 2011

He sold that bottle for WHAT on ebay!?!

Once again, I was a little confused on the next steps for the house.  Today, John finished digging the garage and added stone there to hold it up.  He spread out the junk to the back yard - which will eventually be covered with clay and then soil on top to hold the junk in (I know, I know... trying not to think that my yard is a pile of junk).  Here's what that looks like:
Here's the "junk"

In that junk is bottles, which I've known all along is being picked by a neighbor ... today Jim told me the neighbor was able to make $100 a bottle on ebay for some of them.  Say WHAT?!  Well, I kinda thought that... but to be honest, that seemed like a lot of energy (haven't just had an ebay stint a few months ago that required more energy than I found reasonable for the few bucks I made).  However, I did decide to go ahead and join the crowd.  I picked a few bottles and bagged them up to clean off later:
I went on ebay ... I don't see too many old bottles being sold for more than $5-$15 unless its very rare.  I got some Borden old milk bottles, but there was one cool liquor bottle that apparently is worth something.  Borden milk bottles are being sold on ebay for $3.95 ("or best offer" it says next to it) or a whopping $19ish bucks (no bids though).  Who knows, I'll wash them off and put the cool ones up in the house one day.  I don't plan on selling them.  If I want more, I can just dig up my front yard.

Otherwise, I met up with Jim at the end of the day and he was waiting for the surveyor.  The survey guy (from the bank) comes to confirm his work was completed, so they can move on and get paid.  While he was waiting, I just kept picking bottles.  It got to be fun after a while.

Here's what the basement looks like right now:

I have my stats right now... it's 480 yards of stone.  Since 1.9 yards equals a ton, that makes it 240 tons of stone, or 48,000 pounds of stone.  That doesn't include the garage, that was completed today.  Once that's done, we'll be close to having 3/4 million pounds of rock.  Take that.

Next up is the "spread footing".  It's like big concrete feet to hold up the house.  Those supplies are supposed to come tomorrow morning.  Once the survey is confirmed by whoever needs to know (city, bank.. etc), then we can move on next week.  I do remember Jim saying "oh yeah, the walls will be up by Thursday" (and now it's Friday.. and we are into next week.).  Lucky I know to double his timing by now.  It's kind of like when Dave says he's going to work on the boat "for an hour."  C'mon.  I know that means it will be AT LEAST 2 hours, if I'm lucky.

Tomorrow, it's a meeting with Jim at 10am.  That's the plan anyway.  That's where I'll stare at the budget numbers and freak out, again.  Perhaps a bloody mary will be in order.
Ok, to end my ramble tonight, a little tribute to my sweet old doggie, Anakin.  Today was a hard day for her and I, but she proved to me that she still wants to hang with me for a while longer and I'm pretty happy about that.  I love her and I'm happy she's at my feet while I type.

[Her sleeping earlier today after a seizure and a vet visit] 
12 years, that's a long time to have my girl!

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  1. hey Christy do your aunt a on the lookout for nice colored glass bottle for me ;-) one day I am going to make myself a bottle tree.
    Check this out BottleTree.Com - Southern Bottle Trees, Lawn and Garden you might want to have some of these in your new houses gardens ;-) I am looking for blues and reds ;-))))) xoxo
    PS: badddddd neighbor!