Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My house is getting it's feet!

Today, the basement floor is supposed to poured.  The "footings" are in, now it's all waiting on the city inspector.  Again, he has to stare down in the hole and give the thumbs up that it looks how it's supposed to before moving forward.  The city inspector was supposed to be there last night and didn't come.  Then, he told Jim he'd come at 6:30am on his way into the office.  I came by around 8:30 and he still wasn't there.  Jim was sitting there the whole time waiting.  I brought him a present... some nuts and Bad Ass beer [told him sorry our house is driving him "nuts" and thanks for being such a "badass" negotiator for all the foundation issues].  I wish I had brought him some coffee instead after knowing he'd been sitting there already for a few hours.

Here's what it looks like this morning:

See that big pile of stone/dirt?  That's the garage space.  If we had 10 more grand-ish, we could make that even more basement.  It's about 500 more square feet.  A few years from now, we are going to wish we had that money and could've done it... but we don't.  And the basement size is already large so I think we'll be fine (says the girl with low funds in the bank account).  Perhaps it's time to buy another lotto ticket.

I'll be meeting Jim later this afternoon to confirm our windows order so that can be placed.  He says that it should pick up speed now.  I'm anxious, but again, realistic.

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