Thursday, September 8, 2011

Say goodbye to the new pants.

So today, I bought a few new pair of pants (see the previous post for my reasoning... ahem... or necessity).  But, after meeting up with the builder at the end of the day over at the big hole in the ground (aka, dream house to be)... I may be making some returns.  He jolted me back to reality with dollar signs.

Jim introduced me to John in person, the guy responsible for coming to the rescue for our foundation and coming in cheaper than everyone else.  Cheaper should be a subjective word in this situation though, considering this whole mess will be over and beyond our house loan (that has been a moving target of doubt), which is why the pants may just have to go back to the store.  Self confidence versus money for foundation?  Tough decision honestly.  I could use a little confidence boost right about now!!

After staring in the hole to see the 450 tons.... I'm pretty sure he said TONS (my head can't comprehend that so don't quote me)... of stone.  Could that be true???  He started throwing out numbers and all I heard was "blah blah blah money blah blah blah bank blah blah blah dollar signs blah blah I'm trying my best"

Here's the "basement" full of stone:

They had to put 4 feet of stone in to be sure the lake basically didn't come up from the ground.  Great thought, right?  We are on a pennisula and basically the water/lake level under the house at 12 feet down.  They had to use a pump to get rid of the water while they packed down the stone.  Don't worry, it's guaranteed for 30 years not to sink in the ground. [Stop laughing.]

Here's John staring in the hole... it's too blurry to see because Jim is talking nonstop to me (see him using his hands to explain things to me while I try to take a picture).  You can see the piles - yes, more dirt - behind the big hole.  That's basically junk that was even deeper under the basement next to the water.  It was icky and I have to say, it made me a little nervous what's really in the ground over there... geesh.  I saw shoes, more bottles, black icky clayish type mush, random junk.  No bones though (I don't want to crush Denise's dreams that Hoffa's in there... but I didn't see any).
  Anywhoooo... I have enough to worry about.

This is the big machine parked at the top of the basement.  I'm actually pretty impressed that they accomplished this today with all the pouring rain.  I thought for sure they'd say they couldn't do it, but they did.  So glad they could.

Tomorrow they are digging out the garage portion of the space and putting even more stone in there.  While they are doing that, another company comes to start laying in the walls for the basement.  He thinks they will be done tomorrow.  I'll go by and check in on it tomorrow and see what really happens.


  1. Love reading your blog. You are funny. Did he not know you were taking his pic?

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