Saturday, September 24, 2011

The bar goes here. Or here. No no.. what about here?

When our house is done, the basement won't be "finished".  A few years from now we'd love to be able to do that.  So we need to plan now for then, since we have to put drains in the basement floor for things like sinks, toilets and then hook ups for other potential appliances. Since the basement floor will hopefully be finished this week, now's the time to finalize our thoughts.  We had a plan, but now things seem different when you have a physical room to look at.  So why not jump right in and figure it out!

The basement walls are pretty much done, they still need to be rubberized (or whatever that is). 
Dave and I jumped down in the hole.
There's Dave getting in.  It's a bit freaky to be honest... one you get in there it's a little tight. We walked the little path and jumped through the basement window.

Here's the window from the inside of the basement once we get in.

We spent some time in there with spray paint and our plans to get an idea of where things need to go.
Dave's thinking hard... bar placement as well as poker table and entertainment area are
very serious business to a man.  Very.  Serious.
Dave's standing in the bathroom right now and staring at where the sump pump will go.  The thing next to him on the left is the wine cellar.  It's actually the foundation for the porch - but Jim thought it'd be cool to open it up to store wine in... love him.
This is where the stairs are going to come down and we are going to put the bar there, eventually.  Dave's nervous about that but I'm confident it's really the best place.  Don't worry, he used graph paper to draw it out when we got home with paper poker tables and la-z-boy recliners to make sure it all fits. 
You know I'm not kidding. 

Now we have the perfect spot for the sink drain that Jim's going to put in before pouring the concrete.

The "bar"

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