Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Is that a mirage? Or a work truck?

Yes!!!  It IS a work truck!!!  It's small in this pic, but it's there!
8am Tuesday morning and there's finally, FINALLY, activity again on our house!

Jim met us there and gave us all our new quotes and told us that this week, they'll be digging out the rest of the dirt for the foundation, getting the stone installed and basement floor done.  If we are really lucky, there'll be basement walls up (I'm not pushing my luck on that one).  We are supposed to meet with him tomorrow late night to settle up our window order since those take 4 weeks to get in, and also tell him where our "future" basement bar and bathroom will be (maybe in 10 years we'll have money again and can do that, so it'll be prepped just in case).

I'm just happy there is movement again... it's hard to stand still when you've waited so long to move forward!

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