Thursday, November 17, 2011

More accomplished....

The 2nd level is showing some progress on the house.  As you can see above, the exterior walls are up now, with the exception of the garage.  That room sticking out above the 1st floor is Riley's room. 

This is the view from our bedroom... pretty much the same view as family room.  Exact window set up.  It's very nice... I like it.

This is the beginnings of my hallway from my bedroom to the closet and bathroom.

This view above shows the inside looking out of where Riley's room is at.  The boards on the ground show where they will start the walls tomorrow.  The little room is a bathroom - jack and jill one in between the kids rooms.

This is the garage... it will be the bonus room... eventually.

This is Tyler's room... his window anyway.

Riley's room again.

This is the upstairs hallway, that's the window above the porch.

Full view of where it stands today.  It's pretty cold out, so the guys seem to work faster... lol.  Once again, Jim says they will have the walls up this week on the 2nd floor.  Next week they hope to get the roof up, maybe even shingle.  The week after Thansgiving will be brick, as long as the weather is good.  Our homework this weekend is to pick where all the outlets and switches go in the house, as well as all the lights. That sounds easy, but it seems like a big job. 


  1. Put in LOTS of outlets, Christy! My mom taught me you can never have too many electrical outlets. Much better to have lots of them installed now, rather than trying to add them later.

  2. Christy hope you prewire ceiling lights for Dave to add later…none of the homes we've been looking at have ceiling lights anymore ;-(