Thursday, November 3, 2011

Now I'm starting to see it.

More walls up!  I am starting to be able to visualize a lot better!!

This is the fireplace, this is the only first floor wall not up yet:

Back door wall and kitchen window:

This is my view while I do dishes... it's above the sink in the kitchen.  =)  :

Front of the house looking out - on the right is the office windows and then the hole for the door.  That middle square marked out with the 2 x 4's is the dining room.

This is the window looking out of the dining room (to the neighbors house... we'll fix that with some planted flowers or something).

My view from my living room... I love it!!

Apparently there was an issue with the cement block on the left side of the garage....

I'm hoping they keep it up!!!

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