Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What a rollercoaster!

This morning we got a call from a "John"... he is the dude that our builder, Jim, just hired to take care of the rest of the foundation, dirt, rock, stone, etc.  This was followed by a call from our builder.  Turns out, the company that was originally hired to do all the foundation, dirt removal an excavation work bid the job - got started (house knocked down, trees, big hole for basement) and then started throwing out new charges that weren't in the bid, including a HUGE fee to remove the fill that was dug up for the basement. 

Jim got angry with him (this guy has worked with Jim for years and years) and told him he shouldn've known about these costs and should've put them in the bid.  Apparently this company said "what do you care, it's not your money?" and assuming that he just goes to us and tells us we have more money to pay. 

Jim is luckily a good guy and didn't want to do that, he got very upset... bid out the jobs to a few other people and went back to the original company trying to get them to complete the job (or so I think he did).  Because that company wouldn't do it without all the new expenses, Jim took the business to another company... that's where John comes in.  He's going to do the rest of the work for us and hopefully it will all be able to absorbed from our original mortgage loan (no above and beyond).  PHEW!

All of this took Jim several weeks to accomplish, which is why we have been in a holding pattern.  John says he's going to start up work this Friday getting the rest of the foundation dug, spreading the dirt and then hopefully we'll find a place to take it without having to pay. 

Now, I say this with caution.  I know enough now not to get my hopes up... if there is someone there on Friday, I will be ecstatic.  If not, I'll know... it's just another day in the process!!!  At least there's a logical explanation for the time lag. 

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  1. sounding like you have a nice builder...hope this belief continues..good luck.