Friday, August 12, 2011

So, this is for REAL?!?!

After closing on the loan in June and the renters moving out mid-July, we'd been hearing "tomorrow, we'll knock the house down" for a week or so.  Finally, 8/8, the house was knocked down!!  We came over the night before to check it out before it got started. Here are some pictures:

The fire department and EMS used our home for training while it was vacant... this was a "body" left behind after the training.  The builder had to call them to pick it up before we could knock the house down! lol.

Poof!!!  There goes that little white garage!
Little by little.. the were taking bricks off the house.  I went home to work for a while, came back and found this....

And the front looked like this.  There were doing a nice clean job (although it doesn't look clean, but they didn't hit any close neighbors.. which was a very good thing!!)

I took another break, and when I got back... they were done for the day.  That's right, this was all in ONE day!  Pretty cool!!

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