Monday, August 29, 2011

Oh lordy.

Still no action on Ardmore.  Not sure what happened to "tomorrow, we'll be back in business!!".  Jim says he hasn't gotten his "estimates" back yet.  Dave and I are a little confused as to what estimates he's referring to.  We may be having a meeting again here soon to clear up the delays... it's so frustrating.  Those big piles of dirt are just sitting there taunting me.  I big vacant hole.. feels naked, it needs a dream house on top of it!!!

On top of that.. schools starting soon, I've been promoted... which is a good thing, very appreciative of the opportunity - however, whoa... could the timing be any better to make a step up and have to prove yourself?!  Dave's work is crahhhh-zzeee.  I think he just said he'll be working nonstop all of September.  This outta be fun... don't know how to get it all done!!

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