Tuesday, August 16, 2011

It's gonna be okay. It's gonna be okay. It's gonna be okay...

I just keep telling myself that.  Still waiting on the final estimate for our foundation.  Here's how I have conceptualized the last several days:
  1. Builder gets soil borings (a big thingamabob goes into the ground super deep and pulls out a long tube of ground to see what it's really like down there).
  2. Engineers stare at the soil borings and say "yup, that doesn't look like it'll hold a whole house up."
  3. Engineers whip up money-sucking plan to pound large telephone poles [aka, "piers"] deep into the ground in a bunch of places so that when your house goes on top, your house can't sink, hopefully.
  4. Engineers have to guarantee the foundation, so heck.. let's throw in some more piers (ca-ching, ca-ching, ca-shing).
  5. Builder attempts to convince disgruntled and bewildered us that he'll figure it out, he uses black marker to whip up a fancy plan on top of the first plan and wala ... magic, he says.  Off he goes.
  6. We buy more beer and eat junk food.
  7. We get calls about money.  Dirt.  Money.  Testing dirt. No wait, not testing dirt.  Disposing dirt.  Money.  Oh wait, no, no money.  Spreading dirt and disposing dirt for free.  [I'm just as confused as you are...]
  8. Builder sets up big meeting with engineers, they look at black marked up plan, negotiate.  Shake hands and agree, no telephone poles.. instead.. lots and lots of rocks and concrete.  I know there's fancier name for that stuff, but I don't can't keep up.  It's rocks, concrete and rocks.  Maybe some clay.  Whatever.
  9. Company who dug basement gets info now has to tell us how much it will cost to install all the rocks and concrete... hopefully tomorrow.
  10. If we give it the thumbs up, machines start up again this week.
Clearly, I have a very good handle on this so far, right?  Ha.  If Dave wrote this, you'd all be more informed.  He knows what the thingamabobs, rocks, concrete and telephone polls are really about.  At least one of us does.

And with that, I admit to all of you that told me "just expect the unexpected, there will be setbacks and money."  Yes, you are right.  In week two no less!  I'm still thrilled about building this dream house.  Just hoping I feel the same after the big dollar signs come in tomorrow...

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  1. So funny! I feel for you, tho. Just keep thinking..."dream house" and you'll get thru it. Maybe it's like childbirth? Hurts like hell, then hey! it's great!